Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I don't have much to say......

每當de-brief時聽到教官講這句話,心裡總有一種說不出的爽快感!當然啦,要聽到它的代價可是很高的。前一天一定要在家裡mental飛行好幾次,飛出去之後更是要非常謹慎大意不得,除非到落地停好飛機,否則在飛機上一爽,通常下面要飛什麼都會忘記 :P

要努力收集到每個教官的這句話 ^^

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Anonymous said...

Hello..Lucas! How are you doing? How's Australia treating you? By the way, this is Ethan here, in San Diego now!
Wow! You have a lot of beautiful pics. Apparently, you enjoy your life there, don't you? :-)
Anyway! Hope to see you soon! Take care!